Dame en rouge. Iconic Parisienne - Paris 2018

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I am an opportunistic photographer and rarely stage or plan my wanderings with my camera. Travels to a distant city, along a back country road, or even into my back yard yield limitless moments of beauty to capture and I love discovering vignettes and vistas spontaneously. As you can see in the photo above, you just can't set up a shot better than reality!

Without a doubt, my photographs reflect my moods as well as my environment and my affinity for the gritty, stark and melancholy is hard to mask. I hope you find these images to be compelling and evocative of familiar and fond memories from your own life, or perhaps the genesis of new thoughts and moods you’d like to revisit.


Aging Gracefully —  This collection sprang from my efforts to adjust my thinking about aging to focus on the beauty of frailty and the strength that time and experience bring. 

Barns & Farms — Living in the midwest means many trips into the cornfields. I love barns and fields baked in the August sun, the smell of dried wood or a freshly plowed field, the deafening buzz of cicadas, the deep green hues of fresh fields of soybeans, the bright burst of yellow and coarse prickling of sunflowers and thistles, the rugged rusted look of forgotten tractors, weather vanes and train tracks... all take me back to simpler times.

Cities & Towns — Travel throws open the doors to new experiences and vistas to be treasured and revisited through the years. In cities around the world the striking increase in the number of photos I snap reflects the energy and drama I find in new and unexplored surroundings.

Sea & Sand — My family moved a lot when I was young and, no matter what else we hoped for in our new surroundings, having a body of water nearby was an unspoken "must have". From a stream in North Dakota, to the North Sea along the coast of Belgium, living where the land slopes toward the shore and the prevailing winds carry the fresh smell of moisture has left me with a love of the vast range of moods to be found at the water’s edge.

There are several other collections on the site but one of the things I like most about photographs is their ability to “paint a thousand words”. So I leave you to explore.

Thank you for visiting. Please email me your thoughts or questions. I would love to hear from you.

Have a photo-worthy day.

— Karin Kuby

— Karin Kuby


Standard print size — approximately 20” x 30” image area with a 1” white border for matting and framing. Additional sizes are available for select images.

Photos are printed on natural white archival paper.

Each photograph is one of a limited run of 10, 20 or 50 and is numbered and signed.

Run quantity, print size variations and other details are noted in the “info” section for each image. Click on any image in the gallery to see details.

Please contact us with any questions or requests.